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I’m Marco Frezza.  And that’s who you’re getting - me.  I don't believe in pretending to be a company, I believe in me and my expertise.
I absolutely love what I do.  It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. I eat, sleep and breathe art and design - both the practice and the theory.  When I’m not using my talents to help companies unearth what makes them special, I’m in my studio in Warrington - painting, reading or planning an exhibition.
After starting out as an animator and character designer for a small northwest production company 16 years ago, I decided to go it alone.  Before long I released that my value ran much deeper than simply producing graphics.  I was offering my opinion on important decisions, and being heard and ultimately justified.
From here I spent 5 wonderful years as the Creative Director of a London based Brand and Digital agency, helping them to not only increase their value to their clients and grow massively, but also to completely reshape their internal culture.

But I missed the hustle, so here we are…
I’m a laser focused and intuitive creative with vast (vast) experience of all aspects of design and (apparently) excellent interpersonal skills.
I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions or challenge your existing perception of your goals. The truth is, you’re probably not the only company that does what you do, so it’s important that collectively we understand what really makes you special. It’s in there somewhere, and I’ll help you find it.
I’m an innovative problem solver and have an inherent instinct for finding the balance between what you want to achieve and what your audience needs. I don’t like buzzwords - I don’t do blue-sky thinking and I was doing DesignOps long before DesignOps was a thing.
I just do my job well. For you.
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