Brand strategy and design dictates your identity, internally and externally.
Your brand should speak to your audiences both culturally and emotionally.
01 Research and Benchmarking 
What’s your current position in your sector? Who are your competitors? What are they doing better than you and vice-versa? My considered brand research and benchmarking provides honest, commercially-focused insight. Who are your customers and what matters to them? I can identify the most culturally relevant and meaningful way to reach your core market.
02 Graphic Design and Consultancy
Graphic Design feels like a bit of a catch-all term in this day and age. What I personally think it boils down to is a set of standards that should be applied to any content you produce, ultimately to offer a solution to something. I am passionate about every aspect of the design process and the power it imbues.  If you're looking for well considered design based firmly in over a century of cultural theory, look no further.
03 Brand Architecture
Do you have different sub-brands, products or services? Are you maximising the potential reach of each of those offerings to their own target audiences? Is your product mix cohesive or confusing? I can work with you create a streamlined, brand infrastructure where your outward offerings are all working for each other.
04 Artistic Direction
If you're producing imagery that has food, cars, people or locations in it, have you considered how those things align with your own brand? I can guide, or preferably fully direct third party creatives such as illustrators or photographers to ensure everything they draw, paint or capture is appropriate to your own message.
05 UI/UX Research
Website auditing, data-led research and UX workshops are a great way to define your online needs and understand your customers experience. After consultation to better understand your goals, I will dive deep into a research process. From there, I will provide in-depth insights and actionable solutions and a roadmap to a working site.
06 UX Design
Drawing from your requirements and the outcomes of a planning stage, I will create a UX framework that answers your users’ need. We’ll work closely during this phase, exchanging ideas and considering quality of life functions that help your customers perceive your brand in the most positive light, on what for most companies is your most powerful tool.
07 Rollout
Before you can switch on a new brand and introduce it to the world, all of your company’s marketing communications, sales materials, corporate environments, and more – everything that you use to communicate internally and externally at every brand touchpoint – need to be updated. Brand rollout takes time and needs careful planning and I can manage that for you.
08 Collaboration
I’m not in the business of pretending to be a web developer or a digital marketer to win your project.  However, I have years of experience of collaborating with some very talented people.  My open and interpersonal approach have allowed me to build strong, long-lasting relationships over the past decade.  I am equally just as likely to be able to introduce you to a trusted collaborator as am to fit quickly into your existing team.
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